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Portraiture (Pro) Traditional or Contemporary 

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Wedding Pro 


 Vagelis,Giotopoulos, Greece, Wedding, December, 2010 TY-9 - CK7

Portraiture (Pro) Traditional or Contemporary 

 Costas Kontarinis, Cyprus, Portraiture, December 2010 FJY 8 - CK8



Fashion and Glamour (Pro)

 Martha Mc Cormick,UK,Fashion and Glamour,Dec 2010 FJY 8-TY-8

Fine Art (Pro) 

Costas Kontarinis, Cyprus, Fine Art, December 2010 FJY 8 JS7

Children (Pro) 

Martha Mc Cormick,UK,Children,Dec 2010 TY-6 - CK8 

Fine Art Nude (Pro) 

  Martha Mc Cormick, UK,Fine Art Nude,December 2010 TY-6 JS6

Landscape (Pro) 

 Amanda Trigg, Cyprus, Landscape, December 2010 JS8 PG9 - CK8

Nature & Wildlife (pro) 


Vagelis,Giotopoulos,Greece,Nature,December JS7 PG6 - CK6

Architectural (Pro)  

 Ade Berry, Cyprus, Architecture, December, 2010 FJY 7 JS7 PG7 - CK7


Commercial & Advertising (Pro) 

 Stavros Mavromoustakis, Cyprus, Commercial & Advertising, December '10 JS7 - CK6

Sport (Pro) 

 Sorin Iliescu, Cyprus, Sport, December 2010 JS8 - CK7

Press & PR (Pro) 

 Ade Berry, Cyprus, Press and PR, December, 2010 TY-7 JS7 - CK6

Monochrome (Am)

 Constantinos Hinis, Monochrome, December, 2010 FJY 8 JS8 PG8 - CK8

Portraiture (Am) Traditional or Contemporary 

 Nicky Zani, Cyprus ,Portraiture, December, 2010 TY-8 JS8 - CK8

Children (Am) 

Costas Efthyvoulou, Cyprus, Children, December 2010. FJY 7 JS7 - CK7 

Fine Art (Am) 

 Constantinos Hinis, Cyprus, Fine Art, December 2010 TY-9 JS8

Fine Art Nude (Am) 

 Steven Stavri, Cyprus, Fine Art Nude (Am), December 2010 FJY 6 JS6

Street (Am) 

 Constantinos Hinis, Cyprus, Street December, 2010 JS9 - CK9

Landscape (Am) 

 Constantinos Hinis, Cyprus, Landscape, December 2010 JS9 PG9 - CK8

Nature & Wildlife (Am) 

 Joseph Duba, USA, Nature & Wildlife, December 2010 JS9 PG8 - CK7

Sport (Am)

 Costas Asprou Cyprus Sport December 10 JS8 PG9

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